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WE Give Bibles

When you read the scriptures you are connected to the stories of God and the truth that brings salvation. How blessed you are if you have a bible of your own. Many of the 7 billion people living on this planet do not. 

        Bibles 4 Peoples is a mission that makes the scriptures available to all who want them. With a big God and a vision for those without, we are determined to make sure every person has a bible. This a reality that can be achieved. 

In Jesus' name.






Everyone needs to have a bible in their language.a bible that won't fall apart. in a language that they speak everyday. A bible that you would want as your own.

Our mission is to get the holy scriptures to any and all that need them. Many missionaries and church leaders around the world lack bibles due to cost, restrictions, or just lack of availability in their area.  We believe that can be changed.

To those in need

Can you imagine wanting a bible and not having access to one? Many countries restrict bible distribution. Some areas just don't have them because the people can not afford one. Many  have never heard the good news of Jesus. We don't want to see our generation do nothing about it. Bibles 4 Peoples has a vision to see the scriptures in the hands of all those in need.



                                  ACROSS THE WORLD

Since 2009 B4p has placed the scriptures in 18 different countries

And Across the street

"THE LIGHT THAT SHINES  farthest shines  brightest nearest home"  C.t. Studd

When we give we IMITATE our father in heaven

Generosity is a byproduct of our faith

Bibles 4 Peoples is funded by individuals who share the vision and burden to share the message of the scriptures. Our story of redemption. Our hope. Jesus. We need your help to get the scriptures to those without.